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Kacy Lane, Model at MetArt Network

  • Age first shot: 18
  • Eye color: green
  • Hair color: brown
  • Breasts: medium
  • Shaved: shaved
  • Measurements: 36/24/35
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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I currently study at the institute of arts. I have a good voice and I am professionally engaged in singing. I also go to a drama school and in the future I would love to be an actress. Since my childhood, I have also danced in various collectives.

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  • 1

No words can properly describe this perfection

  • 1

Kacy you are awesome. I look forward to your appearances. Hoping to see you again soon.

Beautiful....Gorgeous....Sexy....Hot! In other words, Kacy is just perfect!

I love, love, love this model - as long as she's not shot by Arkisi!!!

  • 1

Until Kacy Lane came along, I never thought that I would find that an open anus was sexy. Thanks to Kacy, I can say that I find her open anus very sexy.

Arkisi, please keep showing us (me) more poses of her sexy ass.

VERY ATTRACTIVE GIRL, but there are no headshots or close-ups and many of the photos are slightly out of focus.

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Thank you for sharing your time and photos with us Kacey Lane. You and the other beautiful women on MetArt are an inspiration for me to do more with my life.
I gave your profile and first set both a well deserved rating of ten, and clicked the favorites button. I am waiting for your next set of pictures, or movie, to be released. In the meantime, I will step it up at my job to do better for myself so that I can become more social and active in the real world. Thank you Kacey, you really are a big help to guys like me. All the best to you.

  • 1

Hope there's more of the future

I would sip and savor Kacy Lane like only the finest wine! I look forward to seeing more sets from her in the near future. Thank you!

  • 2

I think this is worth saying again....Wow beautiful anus, wow beautiful ass, wow beautiful breasts, wow beautiful face, wow beautiful eyes, wow beautiful smile, wow beautiful hair! Do you think Kacy is beautiful you bet I do. Kacy you are going to be a goddess in these pages, welcome to MetArt you are WOW! 8)

  • 2

Delicious gorgeous lady what a darling thank you

  • 4

Hello Kacy! A double Wow! and a Whoa! Now add an Mmff! You are an awesome gorgeous and sexy lady. I'm yours XOXO

  • 8

Yummy. Kacey Lane is a girl for me.
A charming pale-skinned dark-haired girl, type Snow White. Sexy breasts, cute pussy and perfect anus complete the erotic and seductive image of Kacey.
And not to forget for me, as a foot lover. Super sexy and erotic feet, soft soles and tiny cute toes.
I'm really excited of this seductivly girl.