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Every time I watch a new video with Lola in it I feel like i'ts Christmas morning!

Congratulations to Leonardo. He and the beautiful lady Lola Krit reaches the perfection. Those long , tanned legs, the mischievous smile, that gorgeous woman seated on the chair in a lazy mood, the long hair... wow. Besides, this video proofs that a video doesn't have to be haunted by bunches of gynecological close ups to be a great video... only the sensual and sexy minimum needed.

On her opening shot, all I can think about is walking up to her, dropping to my knees, putting my face in her pussy and eating her until she cums on my tongue. I know! Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!

Charming smile nd sexy nipples!

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Lola Krit - the undisputed video princess of this site! - and reasons 1-999 for why i am so enthralled with tiny little titties.

Live? Laugh? Love? - all involuntary responses - as I my response on seeing Lola

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Fantastic video

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Great poses and shots of Lola! Want to go in with my mouth and tongue and pleasure Lola's pussy!

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As soon as I saw Lola reading that book, I knew her clothes wouldn't last long. That sweet smile, gorgeous hair, and unsnapped-bodysuit bottomlessness (hooray!) made my day. :)

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Side note - an excellent day on MET for believers in the Theory. :)

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Seriously: Give this girl a prize for her video performances (and Leonardo too, of course)!!

LOLA really IS the most reliable model for gorgeous, frequent movies on MA - not to mention that she is cute, beautiful & sexy beyond words.
If all my favorites did as many videos as she does, MA would be the site of my dreams!

Since it appeared in the upcoming section I have so been looking forward to this!
It's the 1st movie in which LOLA is wearing high heels (and how sexy they are, OOOHH YEESSS!!) and by far the best one since ALICE ANTOINETTE'S "Mirror's game"!
LOLA is really generous with explicit poses (for MA-standards); unlike DarkHero I am perfectly happy with her level, on all other points I agree with him.

"Live Laugh Love" is an absolutely amazing video that reminded me again why I am a member of MA.
I would have loved to see more standing full-frontal nude shots (like after 9:20) to admire her wonderful, slender body, but this really is just a minor complaint!

Awesome job;
LOLA, I truely adore you so much!
Thank you!

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Nice video. I'm like Baggy- I don't usually like them but this one is special because Lola is. When she looks into the camera and then breaks into that dazzling smile, my heart melts. I was happy to see her get up and walk a bit in those very sexy heels. Well done Lola and Leonardo!

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Lola has a lovely face with wonderful eyes and brows.

Her buttocks and nipples are very nice.

Thanks for the ribs and walkies.

Nice stilettos, lucky chair.

I don't often like the videos, this is one I do like!

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Lola doing it again, giving us what we want! Another great video! And she did something extra, something I don't think I've ever see her do. At 6:25 Lola reaches and pulls her inner thigh/butt so her pussy slightly opens, a couple seconds later she reaches in a second time and pulls it a little more and her pussy opens up! I was hoping she reach in a third time and pull it open even wider! That's ok she didn't save it for another time! That was the highlight of this video for me anyways. This is what I think more models should do. Show little by little but show enough, don't jump into hardcore or don't just show so little for too long that it frustrates the viewer. I hope Lola continues and starts taking it step by step into more explicit content.

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I have to agree, the spreading at 6:25 was the highlight of the video and I for sure would not have minded if they had taken it a little further. I also really enjoyed the lead up starting around 2:40 when Lola unfastens her bodysuit at the crotch and proceeds to flaunt herself, legs spread wide, for several minutes. Those close-up shots together with the shots of her flashing a smile with both pairs of lips are insanely sexy


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